Rollover the Coach picture above to see the sticker demonstration. Everytime you read a book for the Summer Reading Club you will receive a round, yellow sticker. The stickers fit into the poster revealing a Hero within the everyday people we know.
Every year the Toronto Public Library commissions a children's book illustrator to design and illustrate the material for their TD Summer Reading Club. Martha Newbigging was chosen to illustrate the poster, stickers and log book for the 2006 theme of "Quest for Heroes". The program is used in hundreds of libraries across Canada. Martha will be doing several library presentations this summer in conjuntion with the Summer Reading Club.

The poster features two kids standing in front of a mirror surrounded by books. Their image reflected as superheroes suggests the promise of heroic achievement in their own lives. The mirror is surrounded by a spectrum of heroes from history, mythology, sports, science and the arts.

When kids join their local Summer Reading Club they receive the poster, log book and a sticker for every book they report to have read over the summer. The stickers 'fit' onto the poster like puzzle pieces. They transform various characters found around the mirror into superheroes, acknowledging the heroic contributions of everyday people in our lives. Everyone can be a hero.

art copyright Martha Newbigging