Make your drawings move. Create claymation. Add sound.
Tell your own story as an animated cartoon.

The Animation Workshop has been offered by artist-educator and children's book illustrator, Martha Newbigging and artist/writer/educator Marjorie Sequin during March Break in 2008, 2009, 2010 and during the summer break of 2012.

These comments from teachers who have had Martha facilitate comics workshops in their classrooms:

"The students learned so much and the final product was beyond our imagination. Great fun was had by all!"
-- Carl Des Granges, Bayside PS.

"Martha is a dynamic and talented individual who relates well to children. Her teaching methods inspired the children in my class to be creative and produce excellent final products. Students were very proud of their artistic accomplishments."
-- Susan Ross, CML Snider PS.

"I found Martha's workshop to be extremely organized and effective in teaching drawing skills to the students. The students loved the program and were extremely proud of the art work they produced." -- Dawn Carleton, Kente PS.

The Animation Workshop has been generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.