Illustrations by Martha Newbigging for Zoog (2001), Disney Channel's online family game space. Concepts based on supporting Disney Channel pre-teen tv shows with Flash web games. Art direction and programming by Bitcasters, Toronto. All characters and scenes are hand-drawn, digitized and converted for use in Flash. Most elements were programmed to move or 'do something' based on the user's actions and required multiple drawings to animate the change.

TV show: "In a Heartbeat", Game: EMT Squad Clean Up Challenge
Users must 'tidy up' the office before the clock runs out.

TV show: "In a Heartbeat", Game: Diagnosis Challenge

TV show: "Totally Circus", Game: Juggling Challenge
Users first 'assemble' their star juggler from an assortment of mismatched costumes and heads. Then advance to the circus tent where they manipulate the character's arms in an attempt to juggle an increasing number of tennis balls. If a ball is dropped, the audience 'boos', but getting a high score makes the audience 'cheer'.

TV show: "In a Heartbeat", Game: Finding the Right Stuff
As users 'walk' down the sidewalk, strangers approach complaining of various ailments or offering useful gadgets. As the teen paramedic you must collect the 'right stuff' in order to be on the ready to help out.

art copyright Martha Newbigging