"Artists in Education" is a program funded by the Ontario Arts Council. The program subsidizes the cost of having artists work in Ontario schools, offering one group of students an in-depth 25 hour art workshop.

Martha has visited over 35 classes providing her comic book project integrating picture-making, storytelling and book arts. Students learned visual techniques for building narrative and character development through black and white sequential images. The individual graphic stories were photocopied and students participated in the assembly of class anthology editions.

Sorry, NOT currently making bookings for the current school year.

Selection from "Comic Powers" drawn by grade 6 student in Toronto.

Martha as "Super Artist" by student in Brampton.
Some students and teachers had this to say about Martha's comix workshop:

"I didn't know I could draw this good."

"It was fun learning about all that art."

"Student work was excellent. Even the least artistic students in the class were able to be successful." Allan Reardon, Goldcrest Public School, Brampton.

"Helped me to meet Ministry expectations particularly 'identifies elements of design (colour, line, shape, form, space, texture) and the principles of design and uses them in ways appropriate for this grade." Erika Csombok, Kennedy Public School, Toronto.